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Why do I need one?

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Our Graphics and Video Assistants can provide your business with dedicated assistance in designing multimedia content based on your needs.

Your needs could include providing graphic design for print or digital media, or professional video editing and production. Produce more while lessening your stress!

Your personal Graphic or Video Assistant can create unique opportunities for your business through the creation of distinctive multimedia that help your brand to stand out.

What can a Graphics and Video Assistant do for my business?

Create more with the help of our Graphics and Video Assistants!

Whether you need someone who can create stunning graphics, you need to create riveting stories from raw video footages, or you need a combination of both, the right Graphics and Video Assistant can help you create multimedia content that stands out.

Here are just some of the things that your Graphics and Video Assistant can do for your business:


  • Create unique designs, and concepts to translate into visual digital art
  • Generate ideas and solutions to address creative challenges
  • Create visually appealing graphics for various digital platforms
  • Ensure best practice and high standards of visual assets
  • Create motion graphics and animations that add value to the concepts provided
  • Edit and enhance videos with high quality output
  • Collate assets from our videographers and photographers

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