Making Dreams Happen Worldwide

Mi Amor VA Services was born out of the collective dream of a fully-virtual team of professionals with diverse skills and expertise. Together, our team not only became a small family of passionate, creative individuals, but it became a safe haven for trust, growth and innovation. Our Visionaries at Mi Amor VA Services envision limitless working spaces wherein Professionals and Entrepreneurs worldwide are able to effectively synergize and connect in order to help both their dreams come true. We aim to connect goal-driven business owners worldwide with high-performing individuals that can complement and support  businesses in achieving their dreams of growth and success!

Dream and Succeed Together

Hiring your own personal Virtual Assistant through Mi Amor VA Services not only allows you to save money on hiring costs, as well as labor, but you are able to get the best quality service at the best possible value. Imagine your big dreams as a business owner, but with the most savings, yet the best quality team!

At the same time, Virtual Assistants are able to enjoy competitive compensation while fully maximizing and honing their skills in their expertise. Virtual Assistants can dream big while increasing their earning potential, as well as their learning potential!

Whether you are a dynamic, go-getter business owner looking for support, or an enthusiastic, inquisitive professional looking for career growth, your dreams matter here in Mi Amor VA Services. 

We can dream together and succeed together!


The Mi Amor Difference

Outsourcing can seem like the most boring task in the world, but with Mi Amor VA Services, you are not simply passing on responsibilities to someone else or chucking a pile of paperwork on top of someone’s virtual desk. We aim to recreate and share our healthy, thriving working experience as a Virtual team. This is why we treat of our clients, as well as our assistants, with the same amount of care as we had done with our own team, ensuring that each match is suitable and complementary.

Here at Mi Amor VA Services, we operate with passion, as much as we do with productivity. We not only aim to provide value, but we aim to provide lasting connections and growth.


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